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My passion is knowledge and the truth. Love researching to discover information and confirm my beliefs. I like researching the stuff that most people will never bother with.
Human Tori
Human Tori

You are two yous', that of the animal (Human), and that of the Voice (Being). You are responsible for both yous' - caretaker of both. Both require feeding and nurturing. Be balanced, slave to neither.


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Mode Of Living

Mode Of living is compiled ancient and contemporary knowledge pieced together for the first time to complete a manual for illumination. The aim for the book is to rewrite failing cultural habits that are destroying the world by prioritising a superficial materialistic existence. 
Mode Of Living - the love based lifestyle uses academic theory to explain New Age claims such as the aura and chakra, while bridging religion and science.  It is the first manual for taking care of the material and immaterial aspects of a human being. Mode Of Living supplies the knowledge to expand conscious awareness, enabling an individual to live a more satisfying life. The book is aimed at explaining what a person actually is, and their connection to the universe. 
The endless number of diet plans on the market is good evidence that they are all missing something. Conventional living does not teach how we are part of a whole system. By concentrating on sustaining the body you neglect the immaterial body. But what is the immaterial body?


Source: http://www.modeofliving.com

What is Love?

Love is diverse. Having many connotations it must be applied to context for the meaning of its use to be understood.

Love is feelings caused by chemicals reacting in the brain, states of mind, a sign of affection and a response to pleasure. Love is the substance of the virtues: kindness and compassion. There is selfish and unselfish love. Love also has a spectrum. There is the love felt towards family members that is different from romantic love. Love towards a friend, a pet, a nationality, a favourite band or meal. There is a divine love gained and received from faith, and sexual lustful love. The complexity of love and its use to describe everything from a piece of cake to your soulmate makes it difficult to define.

Apart from lust which is not true love and distracts from true love - love is a positive thing. Therefore love is positive on the polar scale. The opposite of love is hate, or fear. Love is nurturing and encourages growth. Fear is damaging and encourages the need for protection.



Love is growth – fear is protection.



The different types of love.


1, Love acquired from continual habit.

2, Love caused from imagination.

3, Love resulting from beliefs.

4, Love dependent on perception.



  1. Love generated from constant and continual performance of some act. Love experienced when you develop a passion for something, or are so intwined with it it becomes a part of your life. For example, love of dancing, love of eating, watching television, sexual intercourse, etc..

  2. Non-habitual love proceeds entirely from ideas: the imagined love you expect to feel from an activity or acquisition.

  3. In regards to human interaction; love resulting from beliefs comes when all parties have mutual love for each-other. This love is special as it is the love you are given and know is true, i.e. when someone shows you they love you, not tells you they love you.

  4. This is emotion created as a learnt response to the environment. Materialism is love dependent on perception of products that give you status and social value.


The various forms of love can be received and given. It can be shown to you but not felt by you. Love can be forgotten or never learnt. What causes one person to feel love causes another pain. Cynics will tell you love is nothing but hormones firing in the mammalian brain, and butterflies in the stomach are caused from a reduction of blood flow to an organ. Although for those that love love, and experience an extraordinary feeling from it, know there is something more.

Pleasure associated with things people love fits the theory love is an innate response for survival cultivated by evolution. As a species reliant on male and female copulation and caring for a child that is helpless, a bond is essential. Children can be brought up in both love based and fear based environments. Children encouraged and loved are better prepared for life and do not go into a state of protection.


Mammalian love has stages of development: desire leads to attraction which becomes habitual attachment. This does not sound romanic or spiritual.


Soulful love gained from the connection of soulmate's is a declining reality. Where the media has become a staple of western civilization the population has been programmed to live in the mammalian brain. Like animals, connections between people is dominated by lust of physical attraction and resourceful stability. For those blessed with less choice, they either end up trying to buy love or find love based on soulful compatibility. Bought love can become habitual love, or a fear based relationship. Blessed because nature forces them to find love focused on love and not on looks etc.. Social validation is getting in the way of choosing partners for profound reasons. Fear based relationships are dominating the world. The 40%+ divorce rate is clear evidence that people are getting together for the wrong reasons.

A major problem is people are emotionally immature and regardless of age can not deal with their emotions rationally. Rather they think in terms of superficial benefit, for that is how the dominate mammalian mind thinks. A consequence of relationships based on fear is children – the next generation learn from the previous – adding to the loop of mammalian love relationships.


Like the polar opposite of Love is fear, there is a polar opposite of mammalian love. Soulful love is timeless and unrequited: feelings of love that do not need to be returned. When this love is not accepted and returned the cycle is incomplete. Although if the projector of love is sending out pure soulful love it is of personal benefit. If the love sent is lustful and imaginative the projector is failing to create a compatible connection for a soulmate.



Soul-full of love?



For you to project soulful love you must be full of soulful love. To have this soulful love you must be able to accept it and complete the circuit with the sender. Soulful love is everywhere, it is that which allows for everything in the universe to grow. Soulful love is the source of all existence, hence it is called universal Source energy.

To receive Source energy you must accept it, and be able to process it. Yodic tradition calls this energy prana a Sanskrit word meaning “life force.” To process it you must have active in-tune chakra. Chaka the Sanskrit word meaning “vortex,” are the bodies transducers that uptake the loving energy of the universe to develop the soul. At birth and during childhood chakra are in healthy states, and so the body grows. Due to consumption of negatively charged immaterial and material substance the chakra loose their transducing ability. As the soul declines the body looses its capacity to feel that love for life as in childhood, and aging occurs.


An ancient Greek word still used today is agape “i love.” In ancient times the word referred to “pure,” ideal type of love, or “love of the soul.” Traditional agape has been forgotten by the mass mammalian population.


To become full of soul you must live a love based lifestyle. The choices you make must be made in love. If you give up what feeds your soul your love/life will deplete. As a result you will live an unfulfilling life, degenerate and age prematurely. Living in love requires having sufficient knowledge to be able to make the right decisions.


Choose a career allowing you to live in love, for unhappiness puts the chakra out of tune. Sending out mammalian love does not transmit a signal your soulmate can register and connect with, and so you cannot find each other.


If growth is love, then you can eat love – although not all foods are a product of love, for they can be products of protection. Eating foods of protection provides the equivalent - they may sustain the body but do not enhance it.


Selective love means not living in love. Universal Source energy flows through All. It is not selective of who or what it sustains. If like most people you have forgotten the art of love, you should turn on your mind and body to receive what will make you feel content: become full of pure love.


Your conception of love is determined by your culture, or what you consciously chose to learn about love. Comprehending there are different types of love may or may not sound strange. Acceptance of soulful love is reliant on whether you want to believe it or not. You want to flow with the universe but did not know how. Now you know it is possible, choose a love based lifestyle.


Source: http://www.modeofliving.com